Construction supervision

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 468 [1] and Article 53 of the Urban Planning Code of the RF] oblige to control the quality of construction works wheerecting any objects.

Construction supervision is a complex of inspections, the purpose of which is to confirm that the works performed comply with the requirements of normative documents – the project, technical regulations, safety rules (including environmental); Are carried out with observance of terms of building and the expenses established by the estimate.


Depending on the scale of the construction site, we recommend both a group of experts either one engineer


Construction supervision performs the following duties:

  • check the project documentation for the presence of all required documents and their
    compliance with regulations;
  • to control the correctness of drawing up an estimate by the contractor, including the
    correct application of quotations;
  • monitor compliance with the construction schedule;
  • monitor the quality of the materials used, assess their compliance with the project,
    check the availability of certificates and other documentation;
  • ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with design decisions and the current
    town planning standards;
  • control compliance with the rules for storage of materials;
  • ensure prompt detection and elimination of violations;
  • to accept the acceptance of works performed with the signing of appropriate acts at
    certain stages of construction;
  • ensure compliance with the scope of construction and installation works, set by the
    project; follow the correctness of the executive documentation
  • Budget control, absence of unjustified expenses in connection with the incorrectly
    drawn up estimate of the contractor. This point is especially important if one considers
    how often cases of customer fraud occur in the practice of construction by deliberately
    overstating the price of materials and exaggerating the amount of work.


Based on the results of the work, periodic reports on the progress of construction with
recommendations and instructions are prepared, Photo materials.


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