Service of Technical Client


Preparation phase of the project:

  • Obtaining the entire complex of necessary permits and approvals.
  • Development of concepts and technical solutions.
  • Create a budget and a project schedule.
  • Control of the implementation of measures to ensure the conservation of facilities located near the construction sites provided for in the project documentation.
  • Preparation of the project and passing the examination.
  • Obtaining a building permit.


Construction phase:

  • Participation in external meetings and inspections conducted by state oversight bodies, inspections and commissions.
  • Participation in the examination and execution of hidden and special works by acts, prevention of the performance of the next type of work before signing acts.
  • Control over the availability and correctness of the primary technical documentation.
  • Determination of the volume and receipt of work performed from the general contractor subject to the compliance of the quality of performance with the approved projects and technical conditions, and the execution of acts for the payment of these works.
  • Checking the deadlines for execution.
  • Control of cost.
  • Risk analysis and forecasting.


Commissioning of the facility:

  • Collection of the acceptance committee.
  • Organization and control of testing of mounted equipment with proper registration of their results.
  • Environmental checks.
  • Obtaining information about the implementation of the technical specification.
  • Registration of permission to start heat.
  • Preparation of packages of documents necessary for commissioning of electrical installations.
  • Registration of permits for water use, sewerage and wastewater discharge.
  • Preparation of technical documentation in cooperation with the contractor for the presentation of the object of the acceptance commission completed by construction.
  • Participation in the commission for acceptance (customer-developer) from the contract organization of buildings and structures, completed construction.
  • Control over the removal of comments from acceptance commissions.
  • Transfer of the organization that took the object into operation, all documentation made during construction (acts on hidden works, acts of acceptance of engineering communications, etc., including final acts).
  • Getting help from BTI.
  • Receiving mail and police addresses.
  • Receipt of the final inspection certificate.
  • Getting AIA.
  • Getting permission to enter.
  • Registration of the property.



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