One of the main directions of LLC “SUORUS GROUP RUS” is the preparation of project documentation and the coordination of projects of all kinds of complexity. Before the start of any construction project, our specialists develop and agree on a package of necessary documents.

The process of approving the construction is an analysis of the design documentation in accordance with the current building and legal standards, as the package of project documentation determines the status of the object and the rights of the owner of the property.



The coordination of design documentation for both new construction and reconstruction facilities is in important stages:


Obtaining the source-permitting documentation:

  • Obtaining technical conditions and conditions for connection to the engineering connection;
  • The instruction of the town-planning plan of the land plot in the KGA;
  • Development and approval of territorial planning projects (PPT);
  • Receiving of letters of approval and approval of the master plan in specialized organizations;
  • Organization of work on obtaining topography M 1: 500;
  • Organization of work on the approval of the draft land use boundaries;
  • Organization of land surveying works;
  • Organization of works on obtaining cadastral registration of a land plot in the Committee for Land Resources and Land Management of St. Petersburg;
  • Organization of works on engineering and geological survey;
  • Organization of work on obtaining sanitary and epidemiological surveys of land plots;
  • Organization of works on technical inspection of nearby buildings.


Harmonization of project documentation:

  • Coordination with the district architect KGA (master plan);
  • Coordination with the chief architect of the KGA (GS 3-1);
  • Alignment of KGIOP (if necessary);
  • Harmonization of CDS (urban transport department) KGA;
  • Alignment of OPS (department of underground facilities) KGA;
  • Coordination of the traffic police;
  • Coordination in the Committee for Improvement and Road Management;
  • Coordination of the AUC;
  • Conclusion of Rostechnadzor;
  • Coordination of the State Central Design Bureau;
  • Coordination with owners of engineering networks (SUE “TEK”, JSC “Vodokanal”, JSC “Lenenergo”).
  • Development of project documentation in accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 87


Expertise of project documentation:

  • in the State institution of SPb GBU “Center for Expert and Technical Support”;
  • in St. Petersburg State University “State Expertise Center”.
  • Obtaining an expert opinion on the use of land in the FBU “Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the City of St. Petersburg”;
  • Obtaining a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion on the use of land in the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare.


Permission of the State Tax Administration and the State Tax Administration:

  • Obtaining a warrant for work related to the change of amenities;
  • Obtaining a building permit
  • Obtaining a warrant for earthworks.
  • Commissioning:
  • Organization of measurements of PIB objects and obtaining a certificate of GUION with technical and economic indicators;
  • Organization of a working commission for the commissioning of the facility;
  • Delivery of the facility to specialists on special types of works of the SGSN and obtaining opinions on special types of work (SES, ecology, fire supervision);
  • Obtaining a conclusion on compliance (AIA) of the constructed facility with technological regulations and project documentation;
  • Obtaining permission from SGSN to commission the facility.



Employees of LLC “SUORUS GROUP RUS” for many years cooperate with official authorities for the successful preparation and implementation of projects of varying complexity. Following the results of the agreement, the company prepares a package of documents, according to which the construction company can perform the necessary work.


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